Maggie Taylor

Is an American artist and photographer born in 1961 in Cleveland, Ohio. She studied Photography in the University of Florida and graduated a Master of Fine Art in 1987. After a first part of her career focusing on still life, since 1996 she has extended her work by manipulating digital pictures. Pioneer in the field of digital arts, Photoshop and other programs allow her to have all the latitude she needed to give free reins to her imagination.

Adrián Ross

Create papier-mache sculptures, using mixed media to create intricate representations of birds. He made his first birds in 1980 for a competition in Vancouver, Canada. He was really having fun, but he won first prize and was commissioned to set up a bird gang for a new children's hospital. He continued to make birds and sampled his work once a year for 3 years, before moving to New York and continuing other activities.

Daniel Beltrán

Her artistic career was born when she was five years old, and she began taking painting classes during the summer at the Public Library in San Miguel de Allende. He participated in The Children’s Art Foundation contest three years in a row, placing himself in the top three places, including first place in 2012. His works have been published in the book of Creative Children of San Miguel de Allende; one of his paintings was used in the 2012 book edition.

Marge Allen

Marge Allen, a New York native, is a Washington, DC based photographer who first came to San Miguel de Allende over thirty years ago and returns annually for extended periods of time.

She has studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York City, at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington and with notable Washington photographer, Eliot Cohen.

Her interest in seeking out the humanity of her subjects in photographs is connected to her previous work as an advocate for human and worker rights.

Victoria Roberts

Victoria Roberts is a cartoonist and interpreter. As a cartoonist for The New Yorker staff since 1988, Roberts' work has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Ms. Magazine, and many other magazines and newspapers. Illustrates the weekly scientific question-and-answer question in The New York Times. The Age called her Australia's most successful cartoonist. She is the author of After the Fall, published by W.W. Norton and Company in November 2012.
Estudió fotografía en el Centro Internacional de Fotografía de la ciudad de Nueva York, en la Institución Smithsonian de Washington y con el notable fotógrafo de Washington, Eliot Cohen.

Su interés en buscar la humanidad de sus sujetos en fotografías está relacionado con su trabajo anterior como defensora de los derechos humanos y laborales.