Bronze Items

The Our bronze pieces are molded in lost wax, or cast in lost wax, which is a sculptural procedure that allows us to obtain our metal figures by means of a mold that is made from a prototype traditionally modeled in beeswax. This technology was developed in Antiquity independently and in parallel by the Sumerians, Indians, Chinese, Mesoamericans and Incas, which was adopted by contemporary or later civilizations.
It is a process in which we have to control numerous variables, but we obtain an excellent surface finish. It is an expensive process, so it is used to manufacture pre-series and prototypes, and can be used in low production volumes.
This way of working metal (bronze) requires a long, expensive and complicated process together with a perfect and suitable combination of various trades: for the general project and coordination, sculptors; for the first steps, the shapers; for the work of baking, the melters and for the finishing, the chisels and skaters, it is a craftsmanship in detail