Feeders with Flower Shaped Feeder Tube

Inspired by pressed glass containers from the past, we designed this group of feeders, just as if you had found them at Grandma's house ...

The containers are all handmade one by one, in a rustic mold in an even more rustic machine known as "Guajolota". 80% recycled glass. The flower-shaped feeding tube, also made entirely by hand in red glass, makes the hummingbird look for the nectar to the bottom of the container.

Our feeder tube, or Flower® feed tube, has received US patents # 6,672,249 and # 6,499,430

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Basketweave ™ feeders were designed with the woven basket pattern used in food storage containers in the refrigerator in the 1930s and 1940s. With a square shape, you can use one, two or even four of them in a trough. The steel baskets are electrostatically painted to resist the elements outside. One of the versions includes a roof that shades and protects from the rain, made with sheets of juice cans. The labels include instructions and a recipe for preparing the nectar.


Inspired by the silhouette of an old lamp, it allows several hummingbirds to feed at the same time. Holding 1/2 liter of nectar, it features three hand blown glass flower feeding tubes. The central glass stopper makes cleaning easy. It measures approximately 15cm high by 15cm in diameter.
Pick your Bloom ™ with a simple hanging hook, or in a basket with hangers for hummingbirds to pause for a moment. You can also find them with a rustic tin roof, or dressed as an elegant crown in the case of the Bloom ™ Camelot and with a roof that protects it from the sun and rain.
The Bloom Calliope, has a series of hummingbirds and flowers in relief and a greater capacity for nectar.
The label includes recommendations and a recipe for making nectar. Made in Mexico with recycled glass.
United States Patents # 6,672,249 and # 6,499,430

Bouquet, Flower Box & Lunch Pail

Based on early 20th century perfume and pharmaceutical bottle designs, our Bouquet ™, Flower Box and Lunch Pail models offer feeders with perches for hummingbirds to pause for a moment. When the first Europeans arrived in the Americas, they thought that hummingbirds did not have legs because they only saw them flying, hence in their taxonomy, they belong to the apopdiform order (from Greek to "without" and podos "feet"). Today we know who spend a large part of their day perched, out of sight.
Different models of Bouquet ™ carry our hexagonal bottles in pairs or triples, with or without decorations. The Flower Boxes were designed to be hung directly on the railing of a terrace or balcony, and can also be used on a wall in a small balcony. Lunch Pail ™ sets place bottles vertically. They all use our patented flower feeding tube and are available in four colors.


Over the years, we have designed over 36 versions of our original Dew Drop®. And recently we started to produce, with great success, this miniature version of the big brother.
Droplet ™ is the handcrafted blown glass feeder used by our flower feeding tube. There are many varieties and being handmade, they all vary a little. Use one, two or in groups, they brighten the garden as much as they feed hummingbirds. It includes a small metal hook for you to hang it, the included card, has instructions as well as the recipe to prepare the nectar.

Flower Pot™

Small pressed glass pots make the ideal feeder for the garden or terrace. Use it hanging or on a stake, which you can place directly on the ground or in a pot. It has a lower area around the feeder tube, which can be filled with water and prevent ants from passing if they find the nectar.

Mini Blossom™

The best-selling feeder in our collection is the Mini-Blossom, consisting of a recycled glass container made with a thread on the bottom to attach to the stake or hanging hook. It has a glass feeding tube with Flower formed by hand. Both the stake and the hanging hook are made of steel and electrostatically painted for use outdoors.
The label includes recommendations and a recipe for preparing nectar. Made in Mexico with recycled glass.
United States Patents # 6,672,249 and # 6,499,430


Pixies are mischievous Hadiths that inhabit gardens according to Celtic mythology. Our handmade recycled glass Pixie ™ with its transparent wings fill the gardens with joy even when there are no hummingbirds taking. With different styles and finishes, Pixie ™ feeders give a personalized touch to your garden or terrace.

Pot de Creme™

Designed inspired by the simply elegant cream bowls popular in the 18th century. The Pot de Crème ™ feeders. They have a removable cap to facilitate filling and cleaning.
With capacity for 180 ml of nectar. It measures 15cm x 18 cm. Available in a model with hangers to stand on or off so they stay airborne while feeding.
Instructions and recipe to prepare the nectar on the hang tag. Recycled glass, made in Mexico