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Anthony Foster receives an invitation from a dear friend, a horse lover, to redesign, decorate and purchase artwork for a “refuge”, a villa, starting the work from scratch. For Anthony Foster, the task that provides the opportunity to work with total freedom, having a dialogue with the linguistic variety of our times, free from any obligation regarding restrictions and genders. The result is a structured space, at the same time eccentric and fluid, specifically for a clear atmosphere and a simple formality, classic in terms of symmetry, design and brightness.

Most of the experienced works of art, statues and amphoras from Greece and ancient Rome, paintings by 16th century Italian and European masters, paintings by modern masters, valuable Persian rugs and many more have been traced in Europe and America in the antiques market, in private collections and auction houses. However, most of the furniture and many accessories are a testament to Made in Italy: a bespoke production inspired by a large and notorious artisan tradition, marked by sobriety and formal perfection, by the exceptional quality of the materials and the creation, which manifests itself in the smallest details, for example in the finishing touches.

The volume, which testifies to the result of this creative experience, is large-format and quality in every aspect, and is positioned at the confluence between a photographic volume and an art catalog and in terms of the profiles of the main important works it is worth by notorious authors, such as Vittorio Sgarbi, Giancarlo Gentilini, Sandro Bellesi, etc., coordinated by Marina Carmignani.

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