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From New York Times bestselling author Judith Dupré comes a revised and updated edition of Bridges, her magnificent chronological tour of the world’s most significant and mind-blowing stretches. Now in color and bigger than ever, Bridges covers thousands of years of architectural history, each bridge is superbly photographed “raising the benchmarks of mode of transportation to works of art” (Bustle).

Technological advances, structural daring and artistic vision have fueled the evolution of bridge design worldwide. This visual history of the world’s iconic bridges has been thoroughly revised and updated since its initial publication twenty-five years ago, and now showcases well-known classics and modern innovators. Featured bridges include:

The Brooklyn Bridge (New York)

Danyand-Kunshan Great Bridge (China)

Gateshead Millennium Bridge (England)

The Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

Zakim Bridge (Boston)

Including brand-new photographs and the latest cutting-edge work from today’s international architecture and engineering superstars, Bridges spans two thousand years of technological and aesthetic triumphs, making it the most comprehensive, authoritative, and magnificent book on the subject, so dramatic. in presentation as the structures it celebrates. Impressive photographs capture the details of the bridges, as well as their monumental scale; architectural drawings and plans invite you behind the scenes as new bridges form; and animated commentary on each structure explores its importance and places it in a historical context. At all times, the informative profiles, features and statistics make Bridges an invaluable reference as well as a visual feast.

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