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China’s first major book on China’s leading haute couture visionary reveals the intricate craftsmanship and imperial glamor of fashion publications around the world that declare Guo Pei’s creations “the new clothes of the Empire.” An exponent of artisanal craftsmanship and theatrical fantasy often compared to Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton, Guo Pei dresses Chinese state dignitaries and American celebrities alike in richly embellished creations of imperial opulence. The designer’s first monograph, published on the occasion of her first solo exhibition, provides insight into China’s growing global influence and the complexities of its cultural transition.

Guo Pei, the leading China-based fashion designer prominently on the world stage, produces ornate embroidery and intricate designs that derive from ancient traditions and symbols of her Chinese heritage, depicted in glamorous silhouettes. Andrew Bolton describes the approach as “self-orientalist” couture unprecedented in the “millennial history of Chinese clothing.” The grandeur of her work, from the golden cape Rihanna wore to the 2015 Met Gala to a dress embellished with 200,000 crystals presented at the Beijing Olympics, sets Guo Pei apart as a worthy heir to the great tradition of haute couture.

A lush photograph reveals the unprecedented details achieved through the thousands of hours spent making each garment, a signature of Guo Pei’s workshop. This historical volume presents a picture of Guo Pei’s resplendent work: expansive, unconventional, and otherworldly. This iconic volume accompanies an eponymous exhibition of dozens of designer dresses, the first in the United States, at the SCAD FASH Fashion + Cinema Museum

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