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Curtain Up!: Thirty Years of Spectacular Showhouse Rooms is a brilliant compendium of interior designer Barbara Ostrom’s extraordinary rooms that she has created over the past 30 years for the most prestigious showhouses in New York City, New Jersey and the Hamptons . With a preface by Mario Buatta, the book highlights some of Barbara’s most imaginative and exaggerated rooms. It also shows your process from start to finish, where you often have to start with a gutted and gutted room. The results are whimsical and colorful, with details ranging from a crystal chandelier adorned with an umbrella, ten-foot-high canopy beds, antique bird cages, Fu dogs, a 15th century armored knight, lights Greek gas, a Jamaican hand-woven hammock, to ceilings painted with monkeys, parrots, squirrels, and butterflies. Barbara Ostrom’s rooms are lush and invigorating, no wonder they’ve called her ‘Queen of the Showhouse.

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