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The Gorgas Science Foundation has worked for years to publish volume one of a two-volume set of large format, fine-art books which showcase the remarkable beauty and diversity of hummingbirds. With such a large and diverse group of birds, few books have attempted to artistically showcase the family of hummingbirds in its entirety. In fact, the last significant effort was made by master bird artist John Gould during the 19th century. Almost 150 years have passed since anyone has tried to take on such a monumental task.

Many years of planning and research went into the production of this first volume. The path to completion has been slow and measured. The first volume features 127 species of hummingbirds found in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands. Every living species of hummingbird is illustrated in a manner that showcases both male and female, an aspect of their behavior, and a glimpse into their natural environment. Artistic value was critical, but also was scientific accuracy. In this regard the publisher was very fortunate to be able to call on one of the world’s premiere hummingbird researchers and artist, John P. O’Neill and noted avian biologist, John C. Arvin, to review each artistic plates for accuracy.

Each individual species has been meticulously studied and artistically rendered to showcase their beauty and splendor. They are set in a scene reflective of their range and environment. Also included is the preferred flowering plant that each species is most associated with or the plant for which it serves as exclusive pollinator. Unique life history, distribution, adaptations, morphology and conservation status is noted in the text. The large format allows the luxury of space and allows departure from the bird-on-a-stick format required by the limited space in field guides.

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