Italian Gardens of Lake Como

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This is a tribute to the jewel of the Italian lakes and the splendid gardens of the majestic mansions and villas situated on the shores of Lake Como. Surrounded by mountains, Lake Como combines breathtaking landscapes with lush flower gardens, which are famous in all the world. Incredible and beautiful photographs lead readers to fourteen of Lake Como’s most beautiful villas and gardens.

The author, historian of architecture and gardens, explains why prominent Italian families have chosen Lake Como to build their splendid palaces and gardens. Each garden represents the moment it was designed: magnificent Renaissance and Baroque Italian gardens, 19th century English landscaped gardens, romantic natural designs from the early 19th century and 20th century sanctuaries for rare botanical species.

Specific weather conditions (hot summers, mild winters, rainy seasons) support the gardens famous for their luxurious flowers. Villa Carlotta’s garden contains more than 150 species of azaleas and rhododendrons, camellias, citrus, redwoods and other plants from around the world. Some of the palaces are now luxury hotels, such as the famous Grand Hotel Villa d’Este, whose beauty makes visiting the place an unforgettable experience.

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