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his is a book on how to drink rum of all kinds. These are classic rums and new generation rums, rhum agricole and premium premium rums, from rums from all over the world. This is rum with cola and ginger. About the best rum for a classic daiquiri. Over rum cocktails that ooze style and personality. Above all, it’s about enjoying your rum in many ways.

The days of rum seen as a lesser spirit are over. The category has been reborn in recent years with developments such as the increase in premium rums and spiced rums. The range of rums available has been dramatically expanded, with tiki bars in all major cities worldwide. Add cachaça, the cane spirit native to Brazil, and you will have a very popular distillate. So it’s no surprise that the premium rum market is growing at a staggering rate, for example, from 23 percent a year in the United States to 74 percent a year in France.

The mission of this book is to help drinkers appreciate this complex spirit, find the style they love, and discover how this versatile spirit can best be enjoyed. It will help you understand your rum: how it is produced (whether from molasses, cane syrup or cane juice) and whether it is dry, sweet, fresh or oak. Over 100 different rums are presented and analyzed, from sweet and sweet rums from Guyana to vegetable pepper rums from Martinique or Guadalupe and contemporary spice rums. Dave Broom provides a description and graduated tasting notes for each brand, allowing you to create the perfect blend every time. Finally, a selection of classic and contemporary cocktails shows how wonderfully versatile this spirit is.

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