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With its pastel green and yellow interior, dazzling collection of impressionist paintings, and long, low couches that look like vintage Cadillac convertibles, Sunnylands was a Versailles for the space age. In Palm Springs, the mecca of mid-century modern architecture, this immaculately preserved estate is considered the undisputed masterpiece, imagined by A. Quincy Jones, one of California’s foremost architects, and furnished by the great decorator of the California stars William Haines. . Built by media moguls, art collectors, and diplomats Walter and Leonore Annenberg, Sunnylands became a seat of power where politicians, movie stars, and corporate leaders could meet, relax, reflect, make deals, and manage the world, all without anyone looking at it. For four decades, an invitation to New Years Eve in Sunnylands was the top social award. Exquisitely illustrated, Sunnylands is a must-have for all mid-century design fanatics.

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