The Birds of America

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John James Audubon is arguably the most recognized and collected artist in the United States. His Birds of America has been reproduced often, starting with the double elephant folio printed by Havill in England, followed by a much smaller “Eighth” edition printed in Philadelphia and sold by subscription. After Audubon’s death, his family arranged with New York printer Julius Bien to produce another elephant folio edition, this time by the new chromolithographic process. It would also be sold by subscription, but the company, started in 1858, ended abruptly with the Civil War. Only 150 plates were produced, and the remaining number today is slight; They are among the rarest and most sought after Audubon prints. Bound in fabric with a full fabric sleeve, this beautifully produced book is the first complete reproduction of Fine Chromolithographs and will become the centerpiece of any bird lover’s library.

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