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In 65 creative recipes, Bloody Mary is revitalized with a rainbow of side dishes, new flavors, and different spirits. The drinks are a dizzying array of creativity, from Vegan Mary, which is packed with umami, to a Middle Eastern Mary, who adds cumin, coriander, and harissa for an extra touch of spice. Shake these recipes for the perfect weekend pairing, complete with bar food for a little hassle:


The Bowling Green Bloody

The bloody pestle

The gazpacho maría


Celery Stuffed with Pepper Cheese

Smoked salmon

Spanish Potato and Sausage Omelette

And if you don’t have time to make a Bloody Mary mix from scratch, don’t worry: Author Ellen Brown has demystified the cream from vintage store-bought bases that will get you to drink a tasty mix as soon as possible. Just add your own special touch and some side dishes. Whatever your taste, Bloody Mary is the perfect drink for the weekend.

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