The curious Bartenders RUM REVOLUTION

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Find out why rum is becoming the most popular spirit in the world right now with the latest and greatest offer from bestselling author and master mixologist Tristan Stephenson.

The Curious Bartender’s Rum Revolution is the fifth book by bestselling author Tristan Stephenson. Explore the remarkable history of rum from its humble origins to its Royal Navy life blood status and love story with Cuba. Discover his darkest past, with stories of demons, pirates, and his reputation as a revolutionary spirit. This legendary drink is in the midst of another revolution, transforming from uninspired grog to premium product, with aged and spiced premium varieties leading the charge. Learn how rum is made, from the science of sugar cane and molasses to distillation and unique aging techniques. The Rum Tour will transport you to the most exciting rum distilleries the world has to offer, with Tristan’s tasting notes guiding you to the right rum at the right time. Explore the legendary Caribbean house of rum for pioneering rum makers from around the world, embracing dynamic new techniques and taking flavor to new dizzying heights. Finally, Tristan’s mixology skills will help him master animated versions of Mai Tai and Mojito, perfect a Planter’s Punch, and keep it on-trend with Brazil’s famous Caipirinha and Batida cocktails, made with the sister spirit of rum, cachaça.

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