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Toast and Tributes help men master these important skills with examples of over 40 different toasts and 40 different notes. It includes examples of what to say and, perhaps more importantly, examples of what not to say.

Perhaps you were asked to say a few words at your college roommate’s engagement party. Maybe he’s at a family cookout, toasting for his sister’s recent law school graduation. Have your parents reached an anniversary worthy of a child’s perspective? Is your professional mentor retiring after decades as a leader in your field? Throughout his adult life, a man encounters those occasions that depend on his ability to distill the emotions of the moment in a toast, a letter, or perhaps just a few words of gratitude.

John Bridges and Bryan Curtis draw on their characteristic wit to illustrate the ability of meaningful expression and to show how to avoid those cliches, awkward jokes, and speeches that threaten to derail the mood of any occasion. Learn how to keep your “few words” as brief as possible, what rare occasions are suitable for an email, and the correct way to toast a toast that everyone will remember.

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