White Spirits

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This is an essence. It’s an essential addition to any home cocktail enthusiast’s library, providing cost-effective ways to get the most out of your WHITE SPIRITS collection.

Gin, Vodka, Rum, and Tequila: Four Transparent Spirits, Each With Their Own Unique Features That, When Combined With A Lime Squirt, A Fresh Lemon Juice Squirt Or A Vermouth Jigger, Can Create A Lots Of Cocktails to tickle the taste buds. . White Spirits takes these bottles, plus a few other examples of clear hooch, and provides recipes that allow you to make 100 cocktails with just a few additional ingredients, like fresh fruit, sugar, or a pinch of bitters. By keeping things hassle-free, you avoid the need to go out and buy ten different ingredients, reducing the cost of making quality cocktails. Readers will be amazed at how easy it is to make drinks with completely different flavor profiles by doing something as simple as replacing one spirit with another.

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