Artisan Blown Glass Feeders

Created by hand, our Artisanal Gondola Feeders in blown glass reflect the expertise of each of the artisans. Designed by us and created in Mexico since the beginning of our company in 1997, they continue to be made of recycled glass with attention to the smallest detail. In 2009 we designed and started to produce our Gondola (U.S. Patent # D602,650) that facilitates the use of a trough where the nectar is dispersed by gravity. This makes it possible to design new forms of feeders and results in the creation of feeders like the 80 Days, and the Filigree. Today gondolas are made of aluminum.

Dew • Drop™

As dewdrops at sunrise, we envision these feeders on garden trees helping to feed hummingbirds in times of low flowering or in situations when temperatures suddenly change and flowers are lost. Especially in urban areas; One of our original designs, available in various models in recycled glass. Made in Mexico, the card includes more information as well as how to prepare the nectar. Capacity for 118 ml. of nectar. It measures approximately 12 cm. in diameter, and includes hanging hook, card with instructions and recipe for nectar.

Eighty Days™

A design that reminds us of the hot air balloons in the movie, Around the World in 80 days.
It offers increased nectar capacity, with a slatted design carved in sand. Also available in completely handmade designs and finishes, so each one acquires characteristics of each craftsman. With capacity for more than 1 lt. of nectar. It measures approximately 15 cm. in diameter and 25 cm. Tall. Includes hanging hook, instructions and the correct way to prepare nectar.


Named after the first design, which features our hummingbird pattern happily dancing among the flowers, called HUMMINGBIRD ™ and carved with sand (acid-free), this bird feeder is an elegant way to celebrate hummingbirds in the garden.
Various designs are available in this series, such as TWIGS ™ featuring hummingbirds perched on branches and BIRD GARDEN ™ featuring a group of birds that frequent the gardens, in addition to completely handcrafted versions that feature the craftsman's hand making each one unique. It measures approximately 7.5 cm. in diameter and 28 cm. high, with capacity for 1/2 lt. of nectar. Includes hanging hook and card with instructions and recipe for making nectar.

Sun • Drop™

Model designed with anti-slip Gondola, working in this way by gravity, it is one of our first models that over time continues to be one of the most requested models, since being a conventional model, it turns out to be quite practical, even for travel gifts. It adapts to be able to store well in a suitcase. It measures approximately 25 cm high and 10 cm wide, includes a width of 6 inches.